Free Consult – no longer offering services <$1000

If you missed this year’s pubcon, don’t worry, I’m available for consult. First time’s free.

Congratulations on having a web-based business. You have joined the ranks of literally tens of millions of others who are using the web to attract new customers.

All my top services are now…gone.. GONESVILLE. There’s no more time left to touch gigs  <$1000 now, which is a good thing.

We’re focusing on http://Stamina.Rocks (yes that’s the domain its not a typo) right now… Stamina Music and Equilibria.

If you want to kill it in SEO with predictive Analytics… Send me a message for a consultation meeting and I will help you at no cost with one meeting. As you know I have access to a Google Simulator so this is interesting stuff. I just spoke about this “PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS at Pubcon this past Oct 6-9th, 2014 in Las Vegas”.


See KRONiS Speak this 2014 PubCon Las Vegas Convention Center

This was the ad for Pubcon 2014

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